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Assalamualaikum, di saat waktu ingin Ulangan Semester Alhamdulillah saya masih bisa update blog kali ini, kali ini saya akan share program baru dari avast! software, yaitu avast! backup, memang saya baru pertama kali mencoba avast! backup ini, lumayan memang, akan tetapi kita harus membayar $49.99/tahun untuk basic storage sebanyak 25 GB, apabila belum cukup anda bisa membeli maximum storage dengan harga an $99.99/tahun dengan kuota 75 GB.

Screenshot :

Fitur avast! backup :

Easy and smart
Set it up once and forget about it after. Only the very first backup takes a while – after that, smart technology means that only files that have not been backed up (i.e., those changed or added) get synchronized to avast! BackUp.

Practical options
avast! BackUp can simultaneously handle both online and offline backups so that, for example, backing up to the cloud AND to a local external drive are possible at the same time.

Military-grade encryption
Our 448-bit Blowfish encryption ensures that your data gets converted to ciphertext (an unreadable format to those unauthorized) before its transmissions through cyberspace – and then stored in a secure location accessible only to you (remotely, from anywhere).

Let go a sigh of relief
In case of your computer or local hard drive are damaged or lost – for example, via theft, fire, power surges, or a spilled cup of coffee – you can relax about your data.

PENTING !! : Anda harus regristrasi sebelum menginstal avast! Backup

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